Boiler & Furnace

Technology is introduced

Green Valley environmental protection has developed the "GRVNES" SCR denitrification system after years of concentrated research on the nitrogen oxide treatment of fuel boiler and kiln. The system is specially designed to operate efficiently under the condition of unstable exhaust temperature and gas quality.

In the treatment of oil-fired boiler exhaust gas, nitrogen oxides are mainly generated by the oxidation of nitrogen in the air at high temperature, so the generated NOx is called thermal NOx. Its yield is a temperature function of flame structure. SCR treatment does not need to transform the equipment body, only for tail gas treatment.

Technical advantages

1, independent research and development, overall design

2, mature and reliable technology, high denitration efficiency, reduce ammonia escape

3. Uniform ammonia spraying, small resistance, less ammonia consumption, relatively low operating cost

2.5 Boiler&Furnace(3)
2.5 Boiler&Furnace