GRVNES supports relevant applications in the equipment manufacturing market, including mobile power, stationary power and power generation OEMs.
We have the ability to help customers solve specific problems, such as:
Pre-sales technical support: design preparation, site restrictions, cost control, etc.
In-sale technical support: product delivery process control
After-sales technical support: after-sales guarantee and service

GRVNES DOC, DPF, ASC and SCR emission components can be used with any stationary reciprocating natural gas, diesel, dual fuel engine to reduce:
Particulate matter, CO, HAP, HTC, VOCs, NOx


Global OEM way

GRVNES is a manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales of waste gas treatment industrial equipment with more than 20 years of industry experience. Numerous real-world projects and multiple Chinese patents in North America, Germany and China demonstrate our innovation and dedication to the industry.
With our capabilities and experience, we can provide a one-to-one solution for your specific emission control needs.