CO & HC Monitoring


Product Name: Portable Handheld Single Gas

Detector Product Model:LGP8

Product description: 
LGP8 portable hand-held single gas detector is a fully intelligent gas detector designed with advanced large-scale integrated circuit technology, international standard intelligent technology level design technology and proprietary digital-analog hybrid communication technology . With advanced technology, excellent performance and high stability, it has the functions of restoring factory default settings and self-diagnosis. It is easy to use and maintain, and greatly meets the high reliability requirements of industrial site safety monitoring for equipment.

*Sensor life

more than 2-3 years for electrochemical principle, 5-10 years for infrared principle, 2 years for PID photoion, 3 years for catalytic combustion

*Display mode

LCD liquid crystal backlight, numerical value, real-time display

* Detection accuracy

≤±3% (F.S)

*Alarm mode

sound and light alarm

*Working power supply


*Use environment

temperature -20℃~+70℃;

*Relative humidity

 ≤95%RH (non-condensing)

*Battery capacity

3.6VDC, 1800mA, with charging protection function

*Explosion proof mark

Exia II CT6

*Protection level



125×52×30mm(L×W×H) *