Low nitrogen transformation: forging industry denitrification equipment waste gas treatment manufacturers

Low nitrogen transformation: forging industry denitrification equipment waste gas treatment manufacturers

  With the continuous progress of technology, forging industry play a broad prospect, forging industry is a technology-intensive industry, is an important part of the national industrial base, the application of forgings is very wide, in many industries play a key role.

   Forging is a metal processing technology, is through the pressure to change the shape of the metal, so as to obtain the required mechanical properties, mechanism and shape, forging furnace in operation, due to high temperature combustion, nitrogen in the air is oxidized into nitrogen oxides (NOx), at high temperature easy to produce nitrogen oxides, forging process will also produce vibration and noise. This is a problem that cannot be ignored.




   Forging industry in the process of production will produce a lot of exhaust gas, will produce sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, smoke and other harmful substances, these exhaust gas is not treated directly into the atmosphere, will cause serious pollution to the environment, affect the air treatment, will also form acid rain. The harmful substances in the exhaust gas are not only harmful to the environment, but also pose a threat to human health, long-term exposure will produce harmful substances, which will lead to respiratory diseases, neurological diseases, and serious cancer, therefore, the waste gas treatment of the forging industry can effectively protect the health of workers and surrounding residents. Effective waste gas treatment can reduce energy waste, improve energy efficiency, reduce waste gas emissions, but also reduce the greenhouse effect, with the increasingly strict environmental regulations, forging industry must promote the process of waste gas treatment.

   The SCR denitration system independently developed by Guangdong GRVNES Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has independent intellectual property rights and a number of invention patents, and has accumulated a lot of experience in the application field, realizing the functions of compact structure design, intelligent, precise injection, forecasting alarm, data collection management, remote control and online transmission in the field of ultra-low emission of nitrogen oxides. While achieving ultra-low emissions, it can ensure that the ammonia escape data is less than 3ppm, which has a strong comprehensive competitiveness.

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   In general, for the exhaust emissions of the forging industry, it is essential to take effective control measures to reduce the impact on the environment and human health.

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